Music Creation

For the Casual Musician

From Platinum Selling Record Producer Jason "Spicy G" Goldman

Music Creation

For the Casual Musician

From Platinum Selling Record Producer Jason "Spicy G" Goldman

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"What Jason Goldman has created is remarkable and unique . . . a must for anyone wishing to create their own songs, singles, or beats." - Doc Watkins

"There is a musician inside every one of us."



Most people think you have to be able to play an instrument to learn how to create music. The perception is that you have to study music for years, go to a noted music school, become a professional musician and then you can create great music.


While all of these elements can certainly put you on the right path, it is not the only way to create music anymore. In The Music Creator’s Studio, I have developed a step by step course on how to help ANYONE create music without being able to play an instrument, without any knowledge of music theory, and without any musical experience.

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What Do I Need to Take The Course?


I created The Music Creation for the Casual Musician's course to teach you how to create real songs. The course is designed for ANYONE who wants to learn how to create and record music.

In this almost six hour course, you will learn how to use a digital audio workstation (Logic X) , learn the instrumentation used to create songs, and how to create and write full songs.

While there are many elements of modern music production in this course, the focus is on the actual creation process. The course intentionally does not go into depth about each aspect of the DAW as we are just using the DAW as a canvas for us to create



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Top features

  • Instant Access
  • Almost 6 hours of content
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Bi-weekly LIVE Q&A
  • Lifetime Access

Course Objectives

  • Learn the basics of working in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • The ability to create backing tracks, beats, and loops
  • How to record live instruments
  • Learn how to write songs
  • Learn techniques to get you started writing a song

Equipment Needs

  • An Apple computer (either a laptop or desktop will do)
  • Logic X which is a Digital Audio Workstation (This is the audio software that we will be using to build our music on). Logic X comes with a FREE 90 day trial and can be downloaded from the app store. This means that to take this course, you will not have to buy software as the 90 day trial is longer than the course.

Course Format

The course is designed to be completed in three weeks

  • Week 1 - Learning the DAW and the environment
  • Week 2 - The elements of a song and how to create one
  • Week 3 - Techniques on how to begin a song & fun effects


A set of videos will be released each week of the course. I strongly recommend you not skip around to different videos but rather, go through each video and try to emulate what I am doing. This will help you get a feel for how the process as well as helping reinforce how the software works.


You will have access to email me with your questions throughout the course as well as bi-weekly video office hours session, where anyone around the world taking the course is able to ask questions.

You keep lifetime access to the course, including ALL video lessons and any downloadable resources.


Jason "Spicy G" Goldman 


Jason Goldman, known professionally as “Spicy G”, is a multi-platinum selling music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger, and educator.

Jason co-produced Michael Bublé's Grammy nominated/Juno-winning 2016 album Nobody But Me. He co-wrote two of the originals including the lead single Nobody But Me which reached number 2 on the Billboard top 100. Additionally, Goldman arranged, orchestrated, and produced for Bublé’s recent 2018 Grammy nominated/Juno-winning release, LOVE.

Goldman has produced, written, and arranged for music industry legends including mega-producer David Foster, Herbie Hancock, Michael Bublé and more. 

In the academic world, Goldman is the Chair of the Jazz Studies Department and Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Southern California. 

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